Affordable Sharpening LLC

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We sell the amazing Alpine Rhino Wheel and offer sharpening services

for tree service professionals using Alpine wheels.

Affordable Sharpening LLC is a authorized deale​r for the Alpine Rhino cutter wheel and related products.  Our carbide sharpening experience led us to discover the many advantages of the Alpine Rhino cutting system.  It is simple, durable, fast and economical.  We sell and support all Alpine Rhino products including sharpening and sales of Rhino cutter teeth.  With our precision equipment, we can sharpen Rhino cutter teeth for a fraction of the cost of buying new products.  We service customers throughout the United States.   We are known for excellent customer service and reliability.  We can be contacted at 256-603-8150 or by email at [email protected].  

"The most powerful, most durable and

most profitable stump cutter wheel ever!"

Alpine Rhino Cutter Wheel Owner

See the Rhino wheel on our customer's machines

Take a look at our photo/video gallery showing the fast and efficient Alpine Rhino wheel installed on a number of different stump grinding machines currently in use with some of our customers.

The gallery features the Rayco RG-45-XR, Carlton SP 5014, Bandit 2550, 372 Vemeer, Toro STX 26, Vermeer 652, Toro STX 30

and the Rayco RG50 with a 10 tooth wheel.

Our satisfied customers tell us about their positive experience with the Rhino wheel.  See their comments.

Products and Services

Alpine Rhino Wheel

The amazing Alpine Rhino Cutter Wheel can improve stump grinder cutter speed up to 50% with longer time between teeth changes. 

The Alpine Rhino Wheel Advantage

  • Amazing power and speed
  • An almost indestructible design
  • Simple, low cost maintenance
  • Cutter teeth changed in one minute each
  • Use less fuel with faster cutting time
  • Increases efficiency and profit

Rhino Teeth Sharpening Services

Sharp cutter teeth mean more efficient cutting power and money for you.  We precision sharpen Rhino teeth using industrial diamond specialty tools giving you the same sharp tooth, time after time, something a free-hand process cannot achieve.

The Affordable Sharpening Advantage

  • Precision sharpening gives you:
  • Faster cuts
  • Less stress on your machine
  • More profit
  • Less machine maintenance
  • Greater efficiency and productivity